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About Rokso Studios

Rokso Studios is the result of collaboration between highly experienced professionals in the fields of software design and development, user interfaces and experience and illustrations.

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Meet the Executive Team

Gregory Baker

Greg serves as the Principal and founded Rokso Studios in 2015, migrating his former company of 20 years. He has been a solution provider in technology and product placement, from initial design through implementation, encompassing numerous modeling and programming methodologies appropriate for a given solution. Greg has significant background in R&D related to measurement and analysis of human fine motor control in fields of neurology, psychiatry, kinesiology, forensics, impairment and others. Greg's primary experience is in C/C++ on Windows/OS X/Linux, Objective-C for iOS and OS X, and PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS (LAMP) for front- and back-end web development.

Adam Limmer

Adam serves as the Director of Business Development and holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University, which has helped him establish a base for software engineering. Adam is proficient in numerous programming languages, including C++, C#, JAVA, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. He is also an experienced Network and Database Administrator.

Sean Parkes

Sean serves as the Creative Director for art and design, including UI/UX, characters and branding. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sean has been an illustrator, character designer, comic strip writer and content writer for over 15 years. Sean currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Cartoonists Society. His experience and portfolio can be found at the Sean Parkes website.